Hiromaru - Fusion Ramen FUSION RAMEN HIROMARU

HIROMARU Ramen started as small noodle shop in the middle of a rice field in the small town of Toyama, Japan with just two people, Mr. Kawai and his mother.
Mr. Kawai was a world class track athlete competing for Japan’s national team, but for economical reasons, he chose switch his career to making ramen in Japan.
He worked day and night to provide his customers with the best organic noodles.
Soon, word of mouth spread and business grew.
At the same time, to meet customer’s overwhelming demands, he started a catering Ramen truck.
Kawai continuously puts effort into developing new and creative ramen, and he has more than 100 different recipes.
In 2010, the Japanese TV show “Shittoko” selected him as their Fusion Ramen Champion.

Hiromaru, in Japanese, means “from Japan to the world, full of the love of ramen”.